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December 2013


Nocturne Rive Droite

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Around Faubourg Saint-Honoré and Avenue Matignon – Paris, France
5 June 2013


Jean Duffy, Place de la Concorde,1926 Presented by Galerie Jacques Bailly

Jean Duffy, Place de la Concorde,1926
Presented by Galerie Jacques Bailly


Seventy-two galleries will take part in this new edition of Nocturne Rive Droite: internationally renowned galleries as well as young dealers, recently established in the 8th arrondissement. More than just an artistic platform for a high-level exchange between dealers and collectors, it is also the most comprehensive showcase of exceptional masterpieces.

Among the events which will mark this year’s Nocturne Rive Droite, let us mention the young artist-designer Andrey Zouari, who, with the complicity of Belgian interior decorator Christophe Decarpentrie, will create a dialogue between contemporary design and 18th century objets d’art in the exhibition « Métal et Objets d’art » at Galerie François Léage. Galerie Guillaume in rue de Penthièvre will end its season dedicated to American artist Shirley Goldfarb with an exceptional reading by Caroline Loeb of the artist’s notebooks. With around twenty galleries, furniture and objets d’art, from the 17th to the 20th and 21st century are well represented, however, represented by more than thirty galleries, modern and contemporary art, including photography, are on an upward trend.


Modern and contemporary art: an upward trend

From rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré to avenue Matignon, from rue de Penthièvre to avenue Delcassé, many paths lead from modern to contemporary art. Several dealers have chosen to renew their participation in Nocturne Rive Droite, thus attracting a large public of collectors and art lovers tempted by the aesthetic shock prompted by a work of art or the confrontation with an artist.


Galerie Jacques Bailly

The launch of Galerie Jacques Bailly in 1973 with an exhibition dedicated to André Masson was the starting point of a visual itinerary constantly nourished by the multiple artistic movements which have marked the 20th century. This route has led Jacques Bailly to organize, at his gallery, exhibitions of modern as well as contemporary painters, including Raoul Dufy, André Masson, Jacques Villon, Marc Devade, J.P. Pincemin. Today, the gallery’s activity is focused on painters of the post-impressionist movement and the Ecole de Paris, with a particular attention for the painter Jean Dufy.

For this Nocturne Rive Droite, the gallery will present works by Pierre-Auguste Renoir, André Masson and Jean Dufy.


Galerie RX

Under the direction of Eric Rodrigue and Eric Dereumaux, Galerie RX exhibits artists such as Marie Amar, Bar Bien-U, Anna Malagrida, Eric Rondepierre, Georges Rousse, as well as Du Zhenun’s photographic oeuvre. On avenue Delcassé and its Ivry sur Seine loft, the gallery hosts shows of internationally renowned sculptors, including Lee Bae, Mrdjan Bajic, Pascal Dombis, Xiao Fan, Benoit Lemercier, Philippe Pasqua and Cédric Teisseire.

For this year’s Nocturne Rive Droite, the gallery has chosen to highlight the works of Fabien Verschaere.

The exhibition « The Novel of the Shegué King », will include the artist’s paintings, sculptures and installations.


Galerie Albert Benamou

Established on the right bank of the Seine since its creation in 1978, Albert Benamou’s gallery showcases contemporary artists of French, Russian and Chinese origin, such as Nadine Blandiche, Emile Morel, Philippe Perrin and Go Zengli.

For the Nocturne Rive Droite, the gallery will present, for the first time in Paris, a monumental bronze by the Gao Brothers, « The Execution of Christ ».


Lucio Fontana, Concetto spaziale, Attese, 1965, presented by Galerie Tornabuoni Art

Lucio Fontana, Concetto spaziale, Attese, 1965,
presented by Galerie Tornabuoni Art


Galerie Tornabuoni Art

Founded in Florence in 1981, Galerie Tornabuoni Art is specialized in Italian art of the second half of the 20th century, with artists such as Boetti, Bonalumi, Burri, Castellani, Dorazio, Fontana, Manzoni. The gallery also presents works of the international avant-garde, including Basquiat, Christo, Dubuffet, Hartung, Kandinsky, Lam, Matta, Mirò, as well as major artists of the Italian Novecento, with Balla, De Chirico, Morandi, Severini and Sironi. Since the opening of its Paris gallery space, Tornabuoni has organized several retrospectives of major Italian post-war artists: Lucio Fontana in 2009, Boetti and Ceroli in 2010, Pomodoro and Castellani in 2011, Rotella in 2012.

At the Nocturne Rive Droite, the gallery will present « Bianco Italia », an exhibition of works of art by some fifty avant-garde Italian artists who pioneered the creation of monochromatic white works of art.


Focus on photography at two galleries

Ronald Martinez at Maurizio Nobile

Founded in Bologna more than twenty years ago, galerie Maurizio Nobile specializes in antiquities. In June 2010, Maurizio Nobile opens a new gallery in Paris in the heart of the Rive Droite Antiques Dealers’ district.

For his renewed participation at the Nocturne Rive Droite, the gallery honours French photographer Ronald Martinez with a solo-show entitled « Nu Divin – Hommage à la Peinture Italienne ».


Ronald Martinez, Nu divin 01, presented by Galerie Maurizio Nobile

Ronald Martinez, Nu divin 01, presented by Galerie Maurizio Nobile


Laurent Chastel at Patrice Bellanger

Patrice Bellanger, who is also a Court expert, has opened his first gallery on rue de la Chaise in Paris; with his move to boulevard Saint-Germain in 1981, he focussed his activity on 17th, 18th and 19th century sculpture, mainly terracotta, plaster and marble. In 2000, the gallery crossed the Seine heading towards rive droite, formerly dedicated to major 18th century painting.

For this Nocturne Rive Droite, the gallery will present photographic prints by Laurent Chastel of correspondence with remarkable men of our history.


A vast panorama of the arts across history

With some of the galleries embodying the aesthetic values of the 17th and 18th century, others specializing in 21st century decorative arts, every visitor, according to his inclination, will be affected by the power of expression of the works of art on show. Here, each visit is personal, commented by specialists; the choice of works is determined by passion and the quest for excellence.


Spotlight on metal at Makassar-France

Founded thirty years ago, Makassar-France is specialized in Art Deco furniture and objets d’art. Established on the Right Bank, the gallery offers major works by the leading creators of the 1930ies. On three floors (670 sqm), artists including Jacques-Emile Ruhlmann, Marcel Coard, Clément Rousseau, Eugène Printz, Paul Dupré-Lafon, Jean Dunand, Paul Iribé, Dominique are presented. The sculptor Ferdinand Parpan (1902-2004) is exclusively represented by the gallery. As a leader of the art deco, it attracts clients worldwide. The gallery has participated in several fairs in the United States and Switzerland and has helped put together major collections in Europe, the United States, Russia and Asia.

For this Nocturne Rive Droite, the gallery puts the spotlight on metal. Its exhibition entitled « L’Art du Métal » will present major metal works of 1920/1930ies artists including Paul Kiss, Edgar Brandt, Raymond Subes, Michel Zadounaisky and Albert Cheuret (1884-1966).


Two galleries, two visions – one artist

Tribute to the painter Olivier Debré by two dealers who participate the first time at the Nocturne Rive Droite: Galerie Brame & Lorenceau and Galerie Louis Carré.


Galerie Louis Carré*

The gallery was established in 1938 by Louis Carré and has presented leading artists of the modern art: Gris, Klee, Matisse, Calder, Léger, Robert Delaunay, Kupka and Picasso. From 1978, under the direction of his grandson Patrick Bongers, Geer van Velde, Étienne Hajdu, Serge Poliakoff, Gaston Chaissac, Pol Bury, Olivier Debré join the gallery’s circle of artists. In 1987, the gallery takes a more contemporary approach by presenting Eduardo Arroyo, BP, Mark Brusse, Henri Cueco, Hervé Di Rosa, Erró, Jean-Jacques Lebel, Hervé Télémaque. In 2005, la galerie opens up for artists living and working abroad: Kcho, a young Cuban artist working from Havana, and Thomas Huber, a Swiss artist living and working in Germany.

For its first participation at Nocturne Rive Droite, galerie Louis Carré will show « peintures noires » by Olivier Debré.


Galerie Brame & Lorenceau*

Brame & Lorenceau is the result of the union of two galleries founded in Paris in 1864, one by Hector Brame, the other by Jean Lorenceau. For more than forty years, they have been associated to pool their passion for French paintings, graphic works of art and sculpture of the 19th and 20th century. Established at the same place since 1921, Brame et Lorenceau remains one of the preferred addresses of major private collectors, connoisseurs, and art institute’s worldwide. As well as remaining true to its expertise of 19th century art which is at the origin of the gallery’s reputation, Brame et Lorenceau today also present emblematic 20th century artists.

For its first participation at Nocturne Rive Droite, galerie Brame & Lorenceau suggest to (re)discover Olivier Debré’s works of the 1950ies and 1960ies.

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