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December 2013


Dennis Hollingsworth

Posted November 30, 2013 by artBahrain in Openings

8/ ART GALLERY/ Tomio Koyama Gallery
Tokyo, Japan
4  - 16 December 2013

Leonids, 2009 oil on canvas 122.0 x 106.8 cm ©Dennis Hollingsworth

Leonids, 2009
oil on canvas
122.0 x 106.8 cm
©Dennis Hollingsworth

Dennis Hollingsworth was born in 1956 in Madrid, Spain. He currently lives and works in Tossa de Mar, Spain and New York, USA.
When looking at the works of Hollingsworth, the viewer is caught up in the illusion of witnessing the actual moment of its creation. Lively brushstrokes, thick paint and its scraped traces, shadows; the diverse textures created not only by ready-made brushes but also by palette knives, squeegees, and cardboard tools created by the artist seem to speak of Hollingsworth’s overbrimming artistic curiosity and the pleasure he takes in his practice. By using practices such as “wet on wet”, or applying paint to a still-wet field, Hollingsworth believes he will be able to recover an art which not only ‘fully realizes theory’, but further possesses ‘body’ in itself. The exhibition will present the richly woven world of his paintings.
His work was exhibited in 1999 at the Kunsthalle Basel as part of the group show ‘Nach-Bild’, which also featured artists Richard Hamilton and Laura Owens. He continues to exhibit all over the world including in Germany, Holland, France, Spain, New York and Los Angeles.

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