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December 2013


‘The Story of a Fort, Legacy of a Nation’ Show Storyline Revealed

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Franco Dragone, the ‘world’s most spectacular show maker’, reveals details of the sensational show that is set to enthral audiences at the Qasr al Hosn Festival

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Abu Dhabi- The world’s most renowned artistic producer and show creator Franco Dragone, has revealed details surrounding the plot of the forthcoming show tiled, ‘Story of a Fort, Legacy of a Nation’. The show will take centre stage at the Qasr al Hosn Festival from February 28th through to March 9th and Franco Dragone has offered exclusive insights ahead of this first of its kind performance in the Middle East.

“In short, ‘Story of a fort, Legacy of the Nation’ will be an unforgettable and emotional experience for all who witness it,” said Franco Dragone, Show Producer and Director. “This project is devoted to the story of Qasr al Hosn itself as an iconic symbol and is designed to convey the story of the people and this country. Creating a show based on a historical narrative is one of the many incredibly exciting aspects of this project and we have therefore fused both the world of art and authentic Emirati history in a way which has never been done before. This show is innately special, in that it is everything about Abu Dhabi, its past, its present and its future. It is a show that belongs to everyone associated with the UAE and the sense of cultural pride that emanates out of this performance is simply wonderful.”

In revealing more detail on the plot of the show, Franco Dragone added: “A young Emirati walks past Qasr al Hosn, not recognizing the historic significance of the very spot in which he stands, when suddenly when suddenly a ‘Shaheen’ (a majestic falcon) appears in front of his eyes. In a flutter of a wing, the falcon pulls the boy into a whirlwind of images and feelings, a visual and musical poem through which the boy will discover his roots and the fundamental values that lie at the very heart of Abu Dhabi and its people.”

Show rehearsals are already underway and Franco Dragone is working alongside the Qasr al Hosn Festival Committee and Emirati advisors to ensure an accurate reflection of Emirati history. The ‘world’s most spectacular show maker’ is currently in Abu Dhabi for the final preparations whilst adding his signature artistic touches in an effort to amaze audiences.

‘Story of a Fort, Legacy of a Nation’ is a rich visual poem celebrating over 250 years of Emirati history and is an unforgettable combination of music, performance and special effects. Ticket prices for ‘Story of a Fort, Legacy of a Nation’ start at AED 150 and there are a number of packages available for visitors who will watch the show in a 5600 square meter purpose built tent.

Franco Dragone has been commissioned by the Abu Dhabi Tourism & Culture Authority to create a series of unique 75 minute shows that bring to life Abu Dhabi’s rich historic past through a spectacular artistic performance. The tickets for the eagerly awaited ‘Story of a Fort, Legacy of a Nation’ show are now on sale and can be accessed through the Festival’s webpage at

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