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December 2013


TEA/ Super Connect— 2013 International Techno Art Exhibition

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07.30   全國美展  網頁小圖 600x800

In order to create an environment that is encouraging for digital art developments in Taiwan and to introduce cutting-edge technologies and creative trends, supervised by the Ministry of Culture and instigated by the National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts, the “Digital Technology and Visual Arts Collaborative Project”, launched in 2012, is also dedicated in the planning of grand-scale international techno art exhibitions. Since its initiation, the project has received tremendous feedbacks with great acclaims. The theme of this year, “SUPER CONNECT”, is a continuation from the core value of last year’s exhibition, “TEA – Technology Entertainment Art”. Furthermore, it also hopes that the seeds sowed during last year’s “Collective Wisdom” could further form “Super Connections”, and prompt for more diverse and valuable elements to be incorporated into the making of techno art in Taiwan.

This year’s “TEA/ Super Connect— 2013 International Techno Art Exhibition” is curated by Shu-Min Lin, whose experiences include the curatorship for the Venice Biennial Taiwan Pavilion and the Ars Electronica Festival. The key direction of TEA/ “Super Connect” is to decode the most vital feature of the era we are in. We live in a time that is closely connected to the culture of now: this sense of present-ness is observed in both online and offline domains, with the entire world tightly linked almost at all times. Digital media art is the child of the “Super Connect” union of art and technology, and its birth signifies the accumulation of various expressive modes and also special demands that fuse together knowledge and professionalism. The exhibition places emphasis on the complex and multifaceted connections between art and technology, and as matters and occurrences of different characteristics or of shared relevancies go through extreme impacts, focus is also placed on the spectacular phenomena that have emerged from the impactful unions. With the binding of the different connections, the exhibition prompts for the fusion of many incredible cultural elements. Through diverse unconventional creative approaches, a plethora of concepts derived from culture hybridity is presented in the “Super Connect” exhibition, with artworks that are designed to incite the audience’s visual sense and present various connections derived from cultural fusions, digital personas of robotic/ biomimetic art, and new hybrid breeds. The core of the exhibition is centered on the genre of techno art, and through the artists’ imaginations to investigate the super connections between material and spiritual substances and real and virtual realms. The focus of “Super Connect” is placed on the integration of different media and expressions of new artistic forms. Additionally, the crossing of art, technology, and society is also another focal point of this exhibition. With the formation of new motivations amidst conflicting forces, it explores the dissipating parameters of identity and looks into strategies and frameworks pertinent to hybrid conditions.

“TEA/ Super Connect— 2013 International Techno Art Exhibition” includes 20 artworks from 16 countries that are created with innovative methods to convey different viewpoints for super connections. Amongst the contributing artists, Ming-Wei Lee, Pei-Ying Lin, and Zan-Lun Huang are Taiwanese artists that are invited to partake in the exhibition. Through the use of music to incite different human behaviors, investigation of the psychological mind-work behind people’s linguistic abilities, or extending to biomimetic art that stirs reflective thoughts, each artwork conveys a possibility for art, technology, and society to connect and fuse together. Furthermore, through the exhibition, it is hoped that the audience could understand the most vital feature and touching point of our era. Moreover, the international contributing artists of this exhibition are also quite exceptional. Australian renowned performance artist and techno art master, Stelarc, will bring to the exhibition his Ear on Arm and the Internet Ear, and he will also personally attend the exhibition opening and share with the audience his creative concepts at the in-depth talk to be held on the next day. Italian media artist, Sonia Cillari, will also attend the exhibition opening, where she will perform onsite her artwork, As an Artist, I Need to Rest. Together with other contemporary artists from different countries, they will jointly present this world class art extravaganza.

“TEA/ Super Connect— 2013 International Techno Art Exhibition” was launched on August 10th till October 27th, for the total of 79 days. In addition to the exhibition, National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts will also organize talks, seminars, and popular workshops in conjunction with the exhibition. The in-depth talk on August 11th (Sun.) will include a great panel of iconic figures. In addition to the aforementioned artist Stelarc, who will talk about the reflective concepts explored in his extreme performance art with the senses, the event will also include Manuel Lima. Described by WIRED as “the man who turns data into art”, Lima is one of the leading experts in information visualization, and will share with the audience at the talk about different directions for techno art. Additionally, with Jussi Ängeslevä, an important figure in both domains of technology and art, and Taiwanese new media expert, Prof. Chiu Chih-Yung, these four international and local experts will form the panel for this talk, where it is expected exchanges and discussions of pioneering perspectives will be incited along with unbounded imaginations for techno art.

Who says an art museum exhibition must take place inside the museum? “TEA/ Super Connect— 2013 International Techno Art Exhibition” will break the convention and allow art to go beyond the walls of the museum, with a tour through the north, middle, and south of Taiwan. The tour will present interactive exhibitions and performances featuring the artwork, Dirk the Homeless Robot. The Netherland-based artist collective, Electric Circus, and the curatorial team will tour with Dirk around popular destinations in Taiwan from August 21st ~ 24th. It is hoped that through this art action, more people could take part in this international celebration of technology, art, and entertainment.

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