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December 2013


Regards sur l’Orient

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Orientalist Pictures & Sculpture, Islamic Art

Caption French School (mid-19th century): Portrait of a Lady in Ottoman Costume (est. €60,000-80,000) Portrait of an Ottoman Prince, Turkey c.1600 (est. €3,000-4,000)

Caption French School (mid-19th century):
Portrait of a Lady in Ottoman Costume (est. €60,000-80,000)
Portrait of an Ottoman Prince, Turkey c.1600 (est. €3,000-4,000)

 Xavier Guerrand-Hermès Collection in aid of the Guerrand-Hermès Foundation for Peace 

Sale in Paris (November 18)

Paris – Sotheby’s is honoured to be associated with Monsieur Xavier Guerrand-Hermès in offering for auction part of his prestigious collection of Islamic Art in aid of the Guerrand-Hermès Foundation for Peace. Sotheby’s Paris auction, Focus on the Orient on November 18th 2013, will feature over 130 exquisite objects from this remarkable collection that showcase the richness of Islamic Art – including manuscripts, ceramics and metalware – spanning the 8th-19th centuries and originating from as far afield as Andalusia and India. This Paris sale follows Sotheby’s London Art of the Islamic World auction which featured 42 pieces from the collection and took place on October 9th 2013.

Xavier Guerrand-Hermès Collection Auction in Paris (November 8)

The Guerrand-Hermès Foundation for Peace was launched in 1996 to support social transformation and ensure the world a lasting future. In the words of the Foundation’s President, Xavier Guerrand-Hermès: ‘The Foundation’s work is centred primarily on education and inter-religious dialogue. Whether in Doha or Vienna, I take part, and am permanently engaged, in inter-religious dialogue. I have always felt such dialogue can further world peace.’

Xavier Guerrand-Hermès is the grandson of Emile Hermès, an honorary member of Oxford University, and Treasurer of the organization Religions for Peace. He explains his discovery of Islamic civilization as follows: ‘My residence in Morocco enabled me to come into contact first with Moroccan, then Islamic Art, whose quality and complexity were a revelation to me. Islamic Art made me realize how art and spirituality can be combined using an alphabet.’

The 42 lots from the collection that were auctioned in London on October 9 include two late 14th/early 15th century tiles from Central Asia (Timurid Dynasty) – one monumental (£84.100), the other with calligraphic decoration (£92.500); and a Mughal miniature (c.1595) portraying dignitaries supervising the construction of a palace wall (£18.750). The remaining selection of pieces to be offered for sale from the collection, to be offered in Paris on November 18, features a selection of pages from the Koran, including a large 11th century folio from Seljuk Persia (est. €5,000-8,000) and a 10th century folio from North Africa or the Near East (est. €5,000-7,000).

The collection also includes a selection of medieval Persian ceramics – notably a small, early 13th century blue and white jug, fully intact (est. €5,000-8,000) and an early 13th century bowl with palm-leaf patterning (est. €7,000-10,000). Ottoman Turkey is represented by a late 16th century Iznik dish with symmetrical decoration (est. €5,000-7,000) and an Iznik tile panel from around 1575 (est. €8,000-12,000).

A series of miniatures illustrating the art of Safavid Iran includes a page from an early 17th century Shahnama (Book of Kings) showing Qaydafa in conversation with Iskandar (est. €3,000-5,000). Indian works include a late 18th century Deccan miniature with Emperor Aurangzeb (est. €5,000-7,000); and two Mughol folios (c.1620) from the Gulistan of Sa’di (est. €4,000-6,000).

Regards sur l’Orient Orientalist Pictures & Sculpture, Islamic Art
French Private Collection devoted to Ottoman Turkey

The sale Focus on the Orient features a string of works by artists who worked in the Maghreb. Highlights include Adolescents in a Tree, an audacious composition by Etienne Dinet, who loved depicting Algerian children and teenagers at play (est. €300,000-500,000). Meanwhile Jacques Majorelle’s Guedra Dancers evokes the synthetic style of Gauguin and the Nabis (est. €60,000-80,000), while cool morning light illuminates two paintings by Jules- Charles-Clément Taupin: Terraces in Bou Saâda (est. €15,000-20,000) and Call of the Muezzin in Bou Saâda (est. €25,000-35,000). Works by Georges Washington, Guillaume-Charles Brun, Paul-Elie Dubois, Emile Deckers and Henri-Jean Pontoy complete the ensemble.

Orientalist sculpture is represented by around fifteen cold-painted Vienna bronzes by Franz Bergman (est. €4,000-12,000); a bronze bust by Charles Cordier entitled Mauresque d’Alger Chanting (est. €15,000- 20,000); and terracotta works by Friedrich Goldscheider (estimates between €2,000-7,000).

Islamic Art of varied provenance includes an ensemble of Ilkhanid works from Persia, led by a rare 14th century juz’ (section) from the Koran (est. €20,000- 30,000) and a group of Fars gold- and silver-inlaid brass basins (est. €4,000- 6,000 apiece).

The handsome array of items from Ottoman Turkey that concludes the sale will delight connoisseurs. It features a number of important silver items, notably a rare, spherical Karlik cooler (est. €15,000-20,000) and a ewer with basin and soapstand (est. €10,000-15,000) dating from the reign of Sultan Abdulhamid II (1876- 1909).

There are also two Views of Constantinople by François-Léon Prieur-Bardin and a spectacular, 19th century French Portrait of a Young Lady in Ottoman Costume (est. €60,000-80,000).


Tuesday 12 November, 10am-6pm

Wednesday 13 November, 10am-6pm

Thursday 14 November, 10am-6pm

Friday 15 November, 10am-6pm

Saturday 16 November, 10am-6pm

Monday 18 November, 10am-noon (by appointment)

* Estimates do not include buyer’s premium

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