In consciousness of transience
in the face of mortality
one concedes that life,
however perceived,
experienced or lived
is a mere “illusion.”

Ala Bashir

The Nottingham Society of Artists Gallery
Nottingham, England
4-9 September 2018

The Nottingham Society of Artists Gallery proudly presents “Illusion”, paintings by Iraqi born British artist, Ala Bashir. The exhibition focuses on Ala’s new works shedding new light on the artist fascination and personal vision of the real and imaginary worlds that surround him.

Showcasing nine large oil on canvas paintings, Ala uses the Raven(s) as ‘witness’ to Abel’s murder, when his brother Cane slew him, the first ever crime in human history; the Raven(s) as “teacher” who advices Cane how to bury the body of his dead brother.

Ala Bashir’s aesthetic approach, visual language and artistic means does not seem to be contemporary, however it is timeless.

“Illusion” at The Nottingham Society of Artists Gallery, Nottingham, England is from 4-9 September 2018.