The Han Nefkens Foundation announces a video art award to support and promote emerging artists from Korea

The Hans Nefkens Foundation, in collaboration with SeMA, Buk-Seoul Museum of Art, is delighted to announce the launch of a new video art award. The Han Nefkens Foundation – Buk SeMA Korean Video Art Award 2019 aims to increase contemporary artistic production in the video art field by supporting emerging artists who have made a significant contribution to contemporary Korean art.

The Han Nefkens Foundation is delighted to partner with the Buk-Seoul Museum of Art for our first award in Asia. The Buk-Seoul Museum is a leader in exploring the contemporary art scene in Asia, and with Korea as a major hub for Asian artists from Asia, this partnership complements our aim to connect people around the world through art. This award will not only further the career of those artists but – just as importantly – will be an opportunity to incite curiosity, questions and discussions about the emerging video art scene in Korea” said Han Nefkens, founder of the Foundation.

The $15,000 award will support the production of a new video art work, produced over a period of one year. The resulting work will be presented at Buk SeMA in Seoul in spring 2020, followed later by presentations at several international centres. A copy of the final video art work will be donated by the artist to the Han Nefkens Foundation and the work will be included in its permanent collection.
Ten internationally recognised art critics and curators will carry out a scouting process to prepare a longlist of 30 artists of Korean origin or nationality, or artists of other nationalities who have made a significant contribution to contemporary Korean art. Each scout will submit a selection of three candidates for consideration. The 30 longlisted artists will be confirmed on 21 January 2019.

From this longlist, a selection of ten finalists will be made by representatives from Buk SeMA and the Han Nefkens Foundation. The ten finalists will be announced on 25 February 2019.

The winner will be chosen by a jury composed of up to four representatives from the Han Nefkens Foundation and Buk SeMA, as well as three renowned external international jury members.

In April 2019, the winner of the Han Nefkens Foundation – Buk SeMA Korean Video Art Award 2019 will be announced.

Further details can be found here.

SeMA, Buk-Seoul Museum of Art
SeMA, Buk-Seoul Museum of Art opened in 2013 as a branch of Seoul Museum of Art, the municipal museum of Seoul. It aims to serve as cultural centre for the local community where art, people and nature come together to promote cultural creativity and interaction.

Han Nefkens Foundation
The Han Nefkens Foundation is a private, non-profit organization set up in Barcelona in 2009. It focuses on video, with the aim of connecting people through art across the world, collaborating with renowned international art institutions. The Foundation’s founding values have defined it from the beginning as an innovative and forward-thinking model: a production hub that oversees and promotes contemporary creation from the very first moments until the final presentation. Positioned as a platform for artists to advance in their careers, its main activity, always at the international level, is to commission works through its awards and grants.

Current projects at Han Nefkens Foundation

Production Awards
Han Nefkens Foundation – LOOP Art Fair Video Art Award (Barcelona)
Han Nefkens Foundation – ARCO Video Art Award (Madrid)
Han Nefkens Foundation – BUK Museum Korean Video Art Award (Seoul)
Han Nefkens Foundation – CAC Award Latin-American Video Art (Quito)

Production Grants – Exhibitions
Bundeskunsthalle, Bonn: Vaijko Chachkhiani
Manifesta 12, Palermo: Erkan Özgen
Gwangji Biennial: Heecheon Kim
Antòni Tapies Foundation: Erkan Özgen

Sojung Jun, La Nave de los Locos (2016) © the artist, courtesy Han Nefkens Foundation