Khaleeji Artist Collective GCC To Recreate A Live TV Show At Art Dubai For The Room 2018


DUBAI, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES – The Khaleeji artist collective GCC, who met in the VIP lounge at Art Dubai in 2013, have been commissioned to produce the 2018 edition of The Room, Art Dubai’s interactive dining experience which is created by different artists each year at the fair.

Titled GOOD MORNING GCC (.صباح الخير جي. سي. سي), this year’s edition of The Room will recreate a live TV show on site, using the tropes of daytime talk shows commonly featured on TV stations across the Arab world as an anchor for the programming, which will include daily segments such as fashion, cooking and health.

A particular highlight will be the celebrity wedding singer and TV chef Suliman Al Qassar, an icon of food performance and much-loved TV personality in the region, who will launch the programme with a live cooking demonstration on the opening night of the fair.

The overall experience of the set will develop over the duration of the fair with daily performances, and visitors being able to interact with the props, furniture and scenography.

GCC commented: “We’re interested in how, this year, The Room has been moved from its exclusive space into a more public area. As a result we chose to approach figures like Suliman Al Qassar because of their relatability as regional icons and innovative personalities. With GOOD MORNING GCC, each guest participant has transformed the boundaries of their chosen profession beyond the staid.

“GCC After Dark”

From Wednesday, March 21 – Friday, March 23, GCC’s TV studio set on Fort Island will serve as the background for a series of after-hours parties, featuring a line-up of internationally renowned DJ’s. The night events/segments will take place under the title GCC After Dark.

Further details on the day and night programming around The Room will be announced soon.

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This year’s edition of The Room is supported by Ixina.