Faika Al Hassan: Weaves from Ashes

Albareh Gallery is pleased to announce the opening of Weaves from Ashes, an exhibition of works by Bahraini artist Faika Al Hassan.  The opening reception will be held at 7 p.m. at its Adliyalocation on Tuesday, March 6, 2018, as part of the Spring of Culture.

While stylistically different from earlier exhibitions – this body of work is entirely black and white – Faika Al Hassan’s new paintings remain thematically faithful, characteristic of her ongoing examination of the human condition.  Drawing upon the nostalgia for the raw unbleached cotton used for the bedding of her childhood, she adopts fabric as a visual trope.  Fabric is Al Hassan’s keeper of memories. Her exhibition is a meditation on the role that fabric plays in one’s life: as clothing offering modesty and protection, as a container holding one’s possessions as one flees hardship to make a new life elsewhere, where once unpacked, the fabrics come out to make a new home.  ‘Fabric is intrinsic to our lives,’ says Al Hassan, ‘Even when we die, we are wrapped in a shroud.’

An economist by training, Al Hassan began her art career as a young expectant mother taking an art course at the Bahrain Arts Society.  Since then, she has continued to explore and experiment with her art, charting a unique path distinct from that of other Bahrain artists.  The recipient of the Bahrain Fine Art Exhibition Award at Bahrain National Museum (2007) and the Al-Saafa Prize for GCC Fine Art & Lines (2009), her work has been exhibited across the Gulf, in Australia, Syria, Yemen, the UK, Belgium, Italy, Jordan, France, Spain and Morocco.

Weaves from Ashes will remain open till March 30, 2018.