40 figurines of American artist KAWS

Seaside Arena (ex BIEL), HALL 3
Beirut Downtown, Lebanon
20-23 September 2018

For its 9th edition, ART by Bankmed, is going to present the 40 figurines of American artist KAWS by offering a dip into the special world of Street Art, courtesy of one of the most important collections by the artist.

The 40 figurines on display at the space presented by Bankmed are creations of New York painter and designer Brian DONELLY (1974), known under his artist name KAWS.

In his Brooklyn studio, he brings together the popular characters and motifs of urban art in an unprecedented dialogue and creative aesthetic reappropriation. Thus each character is enriched with an infinite potentiality of graphic and even biographical variations, since a personality and a personal history are attributed to it.

In his early days as a graffiti painter, KAWS developed his work in the third dimension with sculptures ranging in height from a few centimetres to ten meters, using a wide variety of materials such as metal, wood, resin or bronze. Today, his works are exhibited in many museums around the world.

Tweety, 2010, 25.4×17.8 cm
BFF Pink, 2018, 33.5×14.5 cm
BFF Blue, 2018, 33.5×14.5 cm
All the sculptures are Painted Cast Vinyl and come from a Private Collection