Madinat Jumeirah
Dubai, UAE
21 – 24 March 2018

Mirroring the cosmopolitanism and energy of its hometown Dubai, Art Dubai acts as a meeting point for the international art world. A manifestation of this is the fair’s Global Art Forums which has served as a platform for discussions and networks that last in time and go beyond commercial transactions. This educational initiative has seen the inception of international exhibitions and artistic projects that crystallize throughout the year.

An annual, transdisciplinary summit, the Global Art Forum based in Dubai, combines original thinking and contemporary themes in an intimate, live environment. Since 2007, the Forum has been a key part of Art Dubai’s extensive cultural programming. It has brought together over 400 global minds from pop culture to renowned academia: artists, curators, museum directors, filmmakers, novelists, historians, philosophers, technologists, entrepreneurs, musicians and performers, dialogue with one another across disciplines, reporting from every part of the world, painting a truly 21st century portrait of how the globalized world thinks. The forum is part of Art Dubai’s continued commitment to help connect people to knowledge in today’s fast changing world.

As a platform for debate, delegates exchange insights, practices and creative ideas with leading minds from the global art community, the academe, as well as international leaders. The forum is part of Art Dubai’s continued commitment towards stimulating timely and relevant discourse and pursuing global interaction through culture and the arts.

The Global Art Forum 2018 will focus on the power, paranoia and potentials of automation. Entitled “I Am Not a Robot”, the 12th edition of the transdisciplinary summit will be programmed by Commissioner Shumon Basar, with Chief Operating Officer and Futurist-in-Chief of the Dubai Future Foundation Noah Raford, and Curator of Digital Culture & Design Collection at the MAK, Vienna, Marlies Wirth, as Co-Directors.

The implications of automation run through our lives today and tomorrow: from machine learning, to algorithmic policy-making, social credit scores and gene editing. It is said that automation, more than any other factor, will fundamentally alter our working lives (leading Bill Gates to suggest robots pay taxes). This brings about the ambient fear of automation. We’ve already heard the first AI composed pop song and can read the first AI authored short story. Where does this all leave the fate of the human? And what exactly are machines saying about us behind our backs? “I Am Not a Robot” becomes a natural sequel to previous editions that dealt with technology, the future and trade.

Certainly the definition of art and creativity is changing fast, it is in preparation for what roles AI technology will play in dessiminating new forms of culture and creating master works of art that will be at the core of the forum’s theme: “I Am Not a Robot”.
Art Dubai’s Global Art Forum is presented by the Dubai Culture and Arts Authority (Dubai Culture) and supported by Dubai Design District (d3).


Global Art Forum ‘Trading Places’ Art Dubai 2017. Courtesy of Photo Solutions