ALIVE. A Personal Account of a Journey to Ethiopia by Mohammed Bu Hasan

Gallery 21
Adliya, Kingdom of Bahrain
23 November – 7 December 2017

 In my work, I aim to capture moments that I am aware I wont experience again” says Mohammed Bu Hasan, photographer, traveler, publisher and CEO of Alwaraqoon WLL, a publishing company with an affinity for cultural endeavors.

“I’m moved by what one may call ‘fleeting moments’. In essence, we could describe time as fleeting in itself. Every view, statement, interaction that we experience will not recur in the same form ever again. But, if we are open to this awareness and allow ourselves to experience every moment as that which is impermanent, then our sentiment to our immediate environment becomes one of heartfelt appreciation for life.”

“When I open my eyes, see with my heart and look through my lens, I feel like I am living in the moment; what I am seeing is meant to be in that frame. In essence, my photography preserves what become elemental memories.”

ALIVE, Mohammed Bu Hasan’s forthcoming exhibition at Gallery 21, opens on the 23rd November 2017. The exhibition is in essence a personal account of his journey to Ethiopia, where he documented tribal groups including the Dassanach, Hamar, Mursi and Kara, all of whom are at risk of losing their traditional way of life due to the impact of Globalization and development. The resulting images capture poignant moments; an expression of the humanity that binds us, regardless of the customs and traditions that make us unique. And it is this uniqueness, the freedom to express these very customs and traditions, that allows us to feel alive.

Mohammed Bu Hasan was born and raised in Bahrain. A Bahrain university graduate with a BA in Physical Education Mohammed is and an active member of the Society of Fine Arts- Bahrain Photography Club.

Over the years, Mohammed has been won various awards including the golden medal in the individual awards competition at the FIAB International Federation of Library Associations (FIAB) for his work entitled ‘Al Shaikh’. He was more recently awarded the Chefchaouen award. As a publisher, he has produced over 63 photography- based cultural books in both Arabic and English.

“A photographer can reveal what cannot be expressed in words. Fleeting moments can be fade from memory. However, a picture has always been a means to freeze time and to document heritage and culture at risk of extinction. And images have impact- photography is a universal language.”

ALIVE will open to the public on November 23rd 2017 at 7pm. The exhibition will remain open until December 7th 2017.

About Gallery 21

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