Art Sawa
Dubai, UAE
21 February – 16 March 2017

Georges Mohasseb, thanks to his experimentation of materials and textures, looks always for the best possible and most sensible combinations to execute his designs.

The use of wood is always prominent and remains in many of Georges Mohasseb ’s designs due to its connectivity, liveliness and texture of this material.

Georges has constant search for materiality and immateriality that characterizes his designing approach for a strong identity for all and each project he has developed. Either they are architectural, furniture and/or lighting design projects, Georges’s main concerns is to create a limited number of timeless designs maintaining a high level of craftsmanship and a complex expression of materials through their sensory experience including the color, shape, texture and smell as well.

In Avoca-Avocado, George ‘s inspiration focuses on a form of the fruit, expressing a return to the natural and organic forms.

The choice of the Avocado is by no means arbitrary but an inspiration at first by her smooth and appetizing form.The avocado is cut in half in order to flatten the top and include the seed in the mass and inlay it in a tinted resin with three solid brass rods supporting the whole. It is a curved shape reflecting light and creating a visual lightness. The colors chosen are rather neutral to better integrate in the places where the work will be laid.



Georges Mohasseb is born in 05 June 1973 and lives in Beirut, Lebanon. Georges got MA architecture the Catholic University of America Washington DC, USA.

Georges has been working as an architect and designer for sixteen Years. Through his professional experience and intensive workshops.

He mastered wood furniture making techniques prominent in each of his designs. Georges ‘s passion for design has brought him to teach in many renowned academic institutions in Europe and in the U.S.

He recently set up his company and he is working on several projects for Europe and the Middle East.

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