Japanese design studio Nendo has unveiled a series of glass tables that will form part of its solo exhibition during this year’s furniture fair in Milan.

The prolific studio led by designer Oki Sato has teamed up with glass specialists Glas Italia to debut nine new collections as part of its Nendo Works 2014-2015 exhibition. The first of these consists of three low tables. Each is made from five sheets of frosted glass, arranged to create two boxes with a square surface and one rectangular one.

The joints between each panel of glass have been finished in a bright strip of colour, applied to the edges before the tables were assembled.

The colours change along the length of each panel, fading into other hues. Colour combinations include yellow to red, blue to pink, and turquoise to purple.

“These colours had a gradation effect,” said a statement from Nendo. “What is more, the reverse side of the frosted glass was printed with a pattern to make it look as though the same colours were blurred on the glass surface.”

The collection of tables is called Soft, a reference to the faded appearance of the colours as they spread across the frosted glass.

“We tried to create a natural and soft image, as if the colours on the edges were blurring,” added the studio.