Bin Mattar House
Muharraq, Bahrain
18 May – June 2014

Inspiration is a dual exhibition that presents prominent artists Balqees Fakhro’s latest paintings and Khalid Farhan’s latest sculptures.

Untitled acrylic on canvas 120 X 140 cm

Balqees Fakhro. Untitled acrylic on canvas 120 X 140 cm

Balqees Fakhro
Balqees Fakhro’s career in painting started in 1975, upon her graduation from San Francisco University with a Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts and Art History. Since then, she has taken part in numerous exhibitions and symposiums, both locally and internationally.

In Bahrain, she has taken part in the annual formative arts exhibition organized by the Ministry of Information since 1976 until the present, and received the first place Dana Award in 1999 and 2002, as well as numerous merit awards over the years.

She has also played an active role in developing the formative arts movement in Bahrain. She has given many lectures at cultural events, taken part in charity auctions, and serves as an art critic to promote art in Bahrain and the region. She is also one of the first female members of the Bahrain Formative Arts Society.

Her paintings have been acquired by various institutions, including: Bahrain National Museum, Modern Art Museum of Jordan, Arabic Modern Art Museum in Doha, Qatar, Dubai Financial Center, and the Hamburg State House in Berlin, Germany.

“My paintings revolve around the themes of belonging and memories of places. Through my abstract style, my paintings show a mystery of a place belonging to a very basic form of living, such as the caves and tents of our ancestors.

I like to show the high contrast between light and dark, and as a technique, I like to use texture to give it more complexity. My monochrome color scheme gives my paintings a dream-like quality, and a sense of vagueness. This allows the viewer to interpret the painting and make sense of it according to his or her own background.”


Khalid Farhan

Khalid Farhan


Khalid Farhan
Khalid Farhan is one of Bahrain’s most promising young artistsic talents. Working as a sculptor in wood, stone, brass and bronze, Farhan is inspired by the fundamental opposition of positive and negative forces in nature. The artist considers the writings of Freud as central to his inspiration and work, in particular the opposition and integration of the feminine and the masculine.

Khalid Farhan was born in 1977 in Muharraq, Bahrain. His artistic talents manifested themselves at an early age and Farhan pursued his study of Fine Arts in Egypt in 1997. He has exhibited prolifically throughout the region, Europe and Asia and is a regular participant in international sculpture symposia. Farhan’s works are held in numerous public and private collections. His most famous work, ‘The Legend’, a wooden sculpture over 10 meters long, is on display at the main entrance of the Bahrain National Museum.



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