Moderna Museet
Stockholm, Sweden
9 September – 12 November, 2017
Curators: Annika Gunnarsson and Fredrik Liew

On 27 may, 1992, the Kingdoms of Elgaland-Vargaland were declared. Since then, the artists Leif Elggren (b. 1950) and Carl Michael von Hausswolff (b. 1956) have pursued the project of establishing the realms and challenging structures that we take for granted. They have annexed and occupied all geographical border areas, including mental, digital and other conceptual and real territories. Elggren and von Hausswolff open embassies, issue passports, invite people to receptions and national days. The kingdoms have their own flag, stamps and currency, and can boast some one thousand citizens today.

The venture, which centres on the genesis and function of nation states in modern times, is both playful and serious. Their omnipotent project expands and transcends the boundaries of art, and will be presented this autumn in the Pontus Hultén Study Gallery at Moderna Museet as a separate coherent entity. Elggren and von Hausswolff have reviewed the administrative files of the Kingdoms, the project documentation, and paraphernalia that has accrued over time. Together, this material represents the first 25 years of the existence of Elgaland-Vargaland.