Dalarnas museum
Falun, Sweden
Until 1 October 2017

Falu Konstgrafiska Verkstad celebrates its 60 years jubilee with an exhibition showcasing artworks by its members from the opening of the workshop in the late 50’s to today. Works of 21 Swedish artists/printmakers created in different methods and new technologies are on display at Dalarnas museum and are on view until 1 October 2017.


FKV history
Falu Konstgrafiska Verkstad was founded in 1957 as a study circle through Konstfrämjandet (ABF) in Kvarnberget, Falun.

In 1973 the workshop was moved to the present premises on Blindgatan in the old town of Östanfors. In connection with the move, Falu took over the management and employed a full-time manager. It underwent an extensive renovation in 1993. Former FKV leader was Einar Johnsson, Staffan Kihlgren and Bo Cronqvist.

A new chapter in 1994 was introduced in FKV’s history. Modhir Ahmed was appointed director of the new workshop. His mission from the very beginning was to make the workshop a comfortable and toxic free environment.

The removal of many unnecessary solvents and chemicals for a healthy and less dangerous workplace were the initial important steps taken. Solvents were replaced with water and cooking oil, a change that remains alive today and will be used in the future. All equipment and machines were set in the right place with regard to safety and the arrival of the fax machine was utilized by FKV’s offices and for the artists, it was a tool for various art projects.

Today, Ahmed has achieved his mission, a toxic free workshop where members, trainees, guests and students, can work in a safe environment. FKV continues to disseminate nontoxic graphic techniques among art teachers around the city of Falu, Dalarna, and international graphic workshops throughout Europe through exhibitions, courses and symposiums.


FKV workshop
1994 was the first computer education for artists at FKV. 14 artists from across the country learned a new way of working with graphics through the computer. New guidelines were introduced at FKV in order to strengthen cooperation between national, international workshops, and art schools. FKV receives and train young people interested in art. They are thought different graphic techniques which prepares them for further arts education at home and abroad. To conclude their workshop courses, exhibitions are organized at Galleri Hörnan and Falutriennalen.