Musée National Pablo Picasso
Vallauris, France
1 July – 6 November 2017

The Third Line is pleased to announce the opening of Remembering The Light, a dual channel film by Lebanese artists and filmmakers Joana Hadjithomas and Khalil Joreige at Musée National Pablo Picasso, Vallauris, France. The installation is shown in the 12th Century Roman chapel which houses Pablo Picasso’s mural La Guerre et La Paix.

Creating a dialogue between two displays, Remembering The Light investigates our perception of colours and realities. Five characters dive and let themselves go down. A submerged city appears in the depths, as well as military vehicles and other strange ruins. On the parallel screen, a multi-coloured scarf plunges slowly into the water. The images invite the exploration of a singular field of perception; in the sea depths, the spectrum of colours shrinks to complete darkness. The colours change and disappear one after another, first red, then orange, yellow, green and finally blue, before complete black. The divers’ coloured clothes, the rainbow scarf which has fallen into the water, thus lose the vibrancy of their hues as they sink into the abyss. However, when these submarine depths are illuminated, the plankton remembers the light and reveals its luminescence.