The exhibition “Driftwood, or how we surfaced through currents”, curated by Evelyn Simons, will be presented from 17 June to 22 July 2017 in Athens. The project will feature 11 site-specific projects by Larry Achiampong, Meriç Algün, James Bridle, Hera Büyüktaşçiyan, Jeremy Hutchison, KERNEL, Chrysanthi Koumianaki, Persefoni Myrtsou & Eva Giannakopoulou, Lara Ögel, Maria Papadimitriou and Lloyd Corporation.

The preview of the exhibition will take place Saturday 17 June 2017, from 7 pm to 9 pm in the Exarcheia neighborhood of Athens at the following venues:

1. Lloyd Corporation (Char. Trikoupi 58), 2. Maria Papadimitriou (Char. Trikoupi 57, 3. James Bridle (Arachovis 30), 4. Larry Achiampong (Zoodochou Pigis 59), 5. Persefoni Myrtsou & Eva Giannakopoulou (Kafenio Mouria, Char. Trikoupi 87), 6. Hera Büyüktaşçiyan (Mavromichali 83), 7. Lara Ögel (Mavromichali 102), 8. KERNEL (Ippokratous 77), 9. Meriç Algün (Mavromichali 56), 10. Jeremy Hutchison (Mavromichali 27), 11. Chrysanthi Koumianaki (all venues).


The opening reception will be held on Saturday 17 June, from 9 pm at Kostantinoupoleos 162, Athens (Metro station: Metaxourgeio).

“Driftwood, or how we surfaced through currents”, conceived by Belgian curator Evelyn Simons (1989), supported by project coordinator Ilektra Kalaitzaki, explores the movement of people, the circulation of capital, and how these endless flows of motion are organised, systematised, controlled and contested. Artists from different backgrounds and employing a plurality of media tackle these issues in a series of solo presentations, unfolding as a walk through the streets of the Exarcheia neighbourhood in Athens.

Shared thematic topics are investigated through this wide range of artistic contributions: advertising and marketing as tools used to cover up the exploitation in globalised production processes; labour ethics; the notion of home as a personal or collective construct; the structural limitations of human movement and thought; imposed or self-governed cultural identity; and practices dealing with community-building.

“Driftwood, or how we surfaced through currents” is one of the three ex-aequo winning projects (along with those conceived by Michael Wang and Adnan Yldiz) of “Curate Award”, an international competition promoted by Fondazione Prada and Qatar Museums. Launched in May 2013, “Curate Award” aims to find new curating talent and to bring about original perspectives in exhibition making. The international jury selected the three winning projects in August 2014 among a large number of submitted proposals from 63 different countries.

“Driftwood, or how we surfaced through currents” will be open to the public until 22 July 2017 (opening hours: Wednesday – Saturday, 4 – 9 pm).