A Triumvirate of Ground-breaking Works, Titans of 20th Century Art at Their Best
Kandinsky| Miró| Giacometti
Landmarks in the Development of Modern Art to Lead Sotheby’s London Impressionist & Modern Art Evening sales
21 June 2017

From Joan Miró‘s Constellation series – his greatest achievement and one of the most significant and celebrated bodies of work by any 20th century artist – which holds near mythical status for collectors, Femme et oiseaux is estimated in excess of $30m.

The painting that will exemplifies more than any other why Wassily Kandinsky’s works are the Big Bang of Modern art, Bild mit weissen Linien is from the artist’s breakthrough moment that turned the history of art on its head. An explosive work by the artist the likes of which come to the market only every few decades, estimated in excess of $35m.

Alberto Giacometti’s golden Grande Figure stands among the definitive achievements of 20th century art. The emotive symbolism of Giacometti’s existential works is universally resonant and his ground-breaking figures have attained iconic status across the globe. This rare unique cast work is from 1947 when he produced many of his most important works is estimated to fetch $20-30 million.

“Together these are three absolutely key works to the history of art in the first half of the 20th century and the evolution of Modern art, redefining the modern world and the forces within: Kandinsky’s Bild mit weissen Linien was produced in 1913 in the window of time and tension that led up to the outbreak of war – an explosive moment of innovation and revolutionary art that brought about Abstraction and set the scene for everything to come. Miro was producing his Constellation works in the approach to and through the darkest moments of WWII, but was finding a way through it rather than creating an expression of it. Rather than capturing the angst, his resulting work is a legacy of beauty and poetry. Processing and reflecting the aftermath of the war Giacometti presented its existential angst, and in 1947 entered the golden period of his career in doing so.”

Helena Newman, Global Co-Head of Sotheby’s Impressionist & Modern Art Department & Chairman of Sotheby’s Europe