David Gill Gallery is pleased to announce its first ever participation in this year’s Collective Design to be held May 3-7, 2017 at Skylight Clarkson Sq during NYCxDESIGN. The gallery will stage a major installation curated by Glenn Adamson surveying the works of Mattia Bonetti and a dedicated solo presentation of new work by Fredrikson Stallard.

Francis Sultana, CEO and Creative Director at David Gill Gallery, says:

“We are delighted to be participating at Collective Design for the first time. We will showcase two significant presentations by two fantastic gallery artists: Mattia Bonetti and Fredrikson Stallard, both of whom will be with us at the event. We have a great following in New York and we look forward to showing these two important bodies of work.”

Collective Influence: Mattia Bonetti

A celebration of the life and work of Swiss born designer Mattia Bonetti will be presented at Collective Influence: a comprehensive survey of some of the designer’s most important pieces. Curated by Glenn Adamson, Senior Scholar at Yale Centre for British Art and former head of the Museum of Arts and Design in New York, the presentation will celebrate both Bonetti’s monochrome designs and his show stopping, brightly coloured and playful works. Glenn Adamson says:

“Mattia Bonetti is one of the greats – a prolific designer with extraordinary energy, verve, and breadth of vision. In our presentation we have sought to show two sides of his work, on the one hand refined and monumental, and on the other exuberant and colorful.”

Collective Influence is a signature element of Collective Design which acts as a platform to celebrate the outstanding impact of a living designer, allowing visitors an insight into a deeper understanding of the creative process and the contribution design makes to everyday life.

Mattia Bonetti was one of the first artists to work with David Gill Gallery when it opened in 1987. Since the 80s he has been creating works that shift functional objects into artworks with expressive context. A force in the design world and hugely influential on many designers working today, Bonetti is extremely prolific: his work is featured in numerous public collections including the Centre Pompidou in Paris, the Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum in New York, the Musée des Arts Décoratifs in Paris and the Victoria & Albert Museum in London.

Fredrikson Stallard solo presentation

In their booth at Collective Design, David Gill Gallery will stage a solo show of new work by Fredrikson Stallard.

Patrik Fredrikson and Ian Stallard began their collaboration in 1995 and have since become internationally recognized as leading exponents of British avant-garde design. They are well known for their ability to translate their creativity into simple yet emotionally engaging fine artwork and furniture.

At Collective Design, they will showcase some of their new pieces including a cabinet from the Montage collection and tables from the Antarctica collection. Both collections highlight the binaries surrounding their practice: digital/analogue, synthetic/natural handmade/machined, function/form and how by finding a balance they have managed to achieve otherworldly iconic designs.

As is evident in their previous work these collections explore materials in unexpected ways. The works often start to take form in physically archaic ways: crumbling cardboard together found on the streets of London, ripping apart polyurethane foam, hacking away a block of ice. These creations then collaborate with technology to create objects which are able to be both brutal and soft at the same time. There will also be some familiar pieces on the booth, a version of the celebrated Species chair will take centre stage and the highly coveted Crush table has been redesigned into a functional desk.

Later in the year Fredrikson Stallard will be celebrating a book launch combined with a gallery show featuring new works in September at David Gill Gallery.

New Mattia Bonetti work at London show

Fresh off the back of Collective Design, David Gill Gallery will present a collection of new works by Mattia Bonetti with a major show to open 6th June at the gallery in London. The exhibition will anticipate the gallery’s 30th anniversary, to be celebrated later in the year.

Left: Mattia Bonetti, Sofa ‘Cut Out’, 2004.  (Courtesy of David Gill Gallery)
Right: Fredrikson Stallard, Armchair ‘Species III’, 2015.  (Courtesy of David Gill Gallery)