Picasso Art Gallery
Cairo, Egypt
25 March – 14 April 2017

Born in Cairo where she lives and works, Madkour has had more than 35 solo shows both in Egypt and abroad spreading from New York and Canada to China and Japan as well as several countries in Europe.

Madkour’s paintings fall between abstraction and figuration in a modernist approach.  Largely inspired by nature and imbued with a gender and cultural baggage, her works focus on elaborating a personal aesthetic language and on revealing an inner world of sensibility rather than scanning a particular subject.  Her art investigates the mediums’ propensities for generating new meanings as well as disclosing underlying layers and structures. she achieves this through  a subtle and complex manipulation of texture, line and color. Her sources are predominantly local and her aesthetic language universal.

Madkour  is the author of the book “Women and Art in Egypt” (in Arabic, 1989 – in English, 1993) and has illustrated a deluxe edition of Egyptian Nobel Laureate Naguib Mahfouz book “Arabian Days and Nights”  published by the “Limited Editions Club” in New York in 2005.  The book and the originals were first exhibited at the Corcoran Gallery, Washington D.C. before touring several countries.